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About Eat St.

This new destination is for those who know that some of the world's most inventive chefs serve their creations through the window of a food truck. It's for people who believe that a delicious meal tastes even better when you buy it with your spare change and eat it perched on a curb; and then there are those who simply appreciate the joy of finding a city's best hot dog.

The TV Series will show you the coolest places across North America to eat. Combine the mobile application and you'll be able to locate, sample and review the best street food on the continent and connect with friends at the same time!

Joining the Eat St. community will keep you on top of the latest and greatest in street food on TV, online and ON THE STREET!

The Show

Eat St. is back for a fourth season to serve up the biggest and best belly filling street food around. With four sensational vendors featured in each episode, viewers get a giant-sized helping of gourmet street eats. This season features 120 brand new, over-the-top vendors from even more locations across North America. New stomping grounds this season include Montreal, Edmonton, Dallas, Phoenix and Minneapolis. From Carolina pulled pork with root beer baked beans at Toronto’s Hogtown Smoke to a hip hop inspired Wrappers Delight Truck serving up decadent treats like grilled tilapia in coconut cream – “Eat St.” is a nonstop quest to find the tastiest curbside curiosities. Canadian comedian James Cunningham returns to host the series.


Eat St. loves food. We eat it, crave it, read about it, dream about it and most of all, share it with our friends. Whether locally or while you're travelling, you'll know exactly where to meet your friends for a bite. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and our Blog to follow all the deliciousness. Looking for a 2 lb grilled cheese? Craving a midnight taco truck rendezvous? Even just the classic street-dog... we've got you covered. We're reaching out to vendors and hungry patrons across the nation to get the most accurate listing of street food in North America. You'll get menus, locations, interactive maps, customer ratings and clips of the Eat St. television show to keep you informed about the best that street food has to offer, no matter where you are in the country.


Now you can recreate that great roadside experience in you own kitchen with the Eat St. companion cookbook. The book captures all the wonderful deliciousness of the TV series, bringing together great food from four fabuloub season of Eat St. Inside you'll find over 125 mouth-watering recipes from the tastiest food vendors on wheels, who dish out delicious curbside eats all over North America and even a few popular street stops in England.

The Eat St. cookbooks is packed full of eye-popping food photography and great snapshots of the trucks and personalities behind the mobile-truck food revolution that's sweeping the nation. It's the perfect TV tie-in companion cookbook for fans of the hottest food trend-a full-course meal of the world's ultimate truck food. Find it online at Amazon.


The street food community needs you! Help hungry people find you by claiming your listing and entering your location, menu and specials. Along with the ability to find your business, customers will also be able to rate your food and leave tips, letting the community know about your most famous menu items!

Eat St. is a place for friends to connect, show off pictures and share their favourite street eats. Word of mouth is an important part of promoting your business and the Eat St. app will be the perfect platform for friends to share and recommend their favourite food carts and trucks with their friends.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the street food revolution! Download the iPhone app or the Android App to find the best food in your city and eat it in the sunshine.

Join us on our Blog, on Twitter or on Facebook where we share street food tips, food preparation tricks from your favourite vendors. We'll give you behind the scenes looks at the TV show, street food news from across the nation and vendor info you'd love to know, but never thought of asking. Follow us closely to find out about contests and special promotions. Good food is meant to be shared and that's exactly what Eat Street is all about.