Adding & editing your cart information in the Eat St. App

Hello friend!

Thanks for checking us out. If you’re here, it means you’ve expressed interest in adding your cart to the Eat St. App! That’s awesome, we’re excited to get your profile ready to go so that Eat St. App users can soon become your most loyal customers. With the launch of the new app, we’ve decided to cease issuing vendor logins and passwords. Now, rather than having to remember all that information, you can easily update the app right from your iPhone! Here are some simple instructions on how to do this:

First thing’s first:

  1. If you haven’t already … download the Eat St. App for iPhone here.
  2. Login to the app using your Facebook, Twitter or by creating your own profile

Are you entering a brand new cart? or editing an existing profile? See below for further instructions.

To add a brand new cart:

  1. Search for your food cart to ensure that a user hasn’t already started a profile for you (make sure you are searching by “carts” and not “dishes”)
  2. If your cart is not listed, click “add cart”
  3. Fill out your cart info and tap “next” in the top right corner
  4. Fill out your address, tap “next”
  5. Fill out Add Cart Hours, tap “next”
  6. Time to add your drool-worthy dishes! Tap “Add a new dish” and follow the prompts. Be sure to upload your tastiest photos, this is a big draw for customers when they’re deciding which trucks they want to visit!

To edit your cart information:

  1. Search for your food cart
  2. When you locate your profile listing, tap on the area that says open/closed to reach your profile.
  3. Tap the “Edit” button in the top right corner. Here you can edit your cart’s location, hours, profile information (including cart name, website, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Phone number and profile photo), and even upload photos of your menu items!

That’s all there is!

NOTE: Don’t see the edit button? That means you need to “Grab” some dishes in order to unlock the edit function. This is a security measure to ensure that you’re qualified  to edit this cart’s information. The good news is, Grabbing dishes is easy! See the instructions below.

Grab to unlock the edit function:

To grab a dish, simply tap the “Grab” button at the bottom of the screen (that’s the icon with the hand over the plate. ) Either select an existing dish, or tap “Add a new dish”.

Follow the prompts to fill out some information about your dish, then upload a photo of it! Remember, the most attractive profiles for customers are ones that are fully complete and include photos of succulent sweet and savory treats from your truck.

You’ll need 10 grabs in order to unlock the editing function! Once you successfully unlock the editing function, you’re good to go form now on and can securely edit your cart information anytime, anywhere.

Extra Extra: Use your Eat St. App profile to attract and keep customers

Did you know that your truck will rank higher in a user search the more people “like” your profile? Encourage your customers to locate your profile in the app and and give it a thumbs up!

Ever heard of the phrase, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? That’s because when you see more food, you want to eat more food! So show your customers your food! Make sure to upload photos of your menu items to the app, or better yet, encourage your customers to snap photos of their orders and update it to your profile in the app (they just have to use that same handy-dandy “Grab” function we talked about earlier).

Which dish photo will reign supreme?

Dominic W wins with 10 votes!

Even if there are multiple photos of a single dish, only the photo with the most likes will rise to the top and be featured as the main dish photo, so why not get your customers to play a little game with you? Have them snap some photos and get their friends to vote. Perhaps the customer with the most popular photo can return the following week for a free drink with their meal or a special prize. That’s a sure fire way to keep your customers coming back for more and a great way to get them to spread the word about your truck too!