Attack of the Killer Carnitas

So, my friend Javier tells me “Hey Bev, there’s a brand new gourmet food truck called The Attack of The Killer Carnitas, and they’re from Pico Rivera, Ca!”. I was excited, not just because they serve Carnitas and have a catchy name but they’re not far from where I live.

I automatically became friends with Chef Tony and Cindy on Twitter, and they were so nice that they found the time to meet with me and make me some delicious Tacos de Carnitas.

I’m still drooling just thinking about that first bite I took from those tacos; freshly handmade corn tortillas, topped with slow cooked pork, salsa fresca, cilantro, and their special salsa verde.

Now I’m hooked! I seriously need to have their delicious food from them once a week! And they serve more than just tacos.

I always say, “It’s all about the love and passion baby!”. You can truly taste it in their food. I love these guys, they are so cool and I totally suggest you chase them down and find out why I’m such a big fan.

Here’s a bio courtesy of “Attack Of The Killer Carnitas.”

Born into the business, Chef Anthony has spent most of his life working in and around food trucks alongside his mother, a cook with more than 30 years experience serving food all over Los Angeles. For the last 28 years he has been mastering his mothers’ recipes, working them into perfection. Now after many years he has chosen the most mouth-watering recipes to bring to you, in hopes of enriching your taste buds. He, along with his wife, Cindy, started their own gourmet food truck “Attack of the Killer Carnitas”. Originating from Zamora, Michoacán, their carnitas are slow cooked for 3 hours with their special spices. The result: savory, tender, flavorful meat. These are the best and most sought after carnitas in all of SoCal. “We urge everyone to experience this great food. This is authentic Mexican food at its finest!”.

This post was contributed by Silver Spoon Correspondent Chef Bev Lazo, a.k.a Coolinary Trends

Chef Bev Lazo, a.k.a Coolinary Trends


Hi Foodie Peeps! My name is Bev Lazo, a.k.a Coolinary Trends on Facebook. I’ve been in the food industry since the age of 16 but was already a foodie at the age of 5 when I was introduced to my very first Hot Wing from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY (that’s where I lived from 2-7).

I majored in Recording Engineering and Culinary Arts. I am currently working with The Border Grill Truck as part of the Culinary Team, stagiaire for Lime Truck’s Jason Quinn’s Restaurant “The Playground”, and an on-call culinary team player for SlapFish Truck. I also work as a personal chef, caterer, and food blogger for my own company called “Coolinary Trends!” I live, I breathe, my world revolves around food, along with my family/friends it is my love and passion. I am always in search for the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant, trying every Gourmet Food Truck in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. It’s all about Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times.

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