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The Best Food Truck of Arizona 2014 – Festival and Competition

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It’s a warm, mild February day in Arizona. Forget the hellish summers, driving-challenged snowbirds, and political rattlesnakes. A winter day in the Grand Canyon state beats any winter day in a snowbound blizzard. Most of the year, Arizona weather begs the question: what can one do with all this sunshiny goodness? Go food truck tasting, of course. My daughter and I get in the car and head north to the “Best Food Truck of Arizona” competition at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center in Chandler. The festival site is about 97 miles north of Tucson and promises an average 75°F all day. Forget the cumbersome jackets. Let’s go!

Pack Your Appetite for FIELD TRIP 2013!

ft 59

As you must know by now, I am a regular feaster at the Toronto Underground Market (TUM), an incubator community for young culinary businesses to grow. So when I heard that TUM was going to be curating the food offerings for an all-day Indie music fest called Field Trip, I was totally stoked. Yep, I used the s-word. Sounds like I came down with a mild case of hipster assimilation after spending hours amongst the Indie crowd.


On the Road with James Cunningham

This past week I had the pleasure of spending a some time in the busy, but fun world of Eat St. host and cookbook author, James Cunningham.  What was initially supposed to be a Q&A style interview prior to the Sew Hungry event in Hamilton, turned into a couple days of two street food loving people sharing stories and enjoying great food.


Tijuana Street Food

Mexican food is my passion.  The fresh ingredients and simple recipes combine to create true comfort food.  So when I was in southern California back in November, I couldn’t resist a day trip over the border to Tijuana.


Street Food Comes to Ottawa

After spending the better part of the last two years traveling around North America and eating at a total of 111 food trucks, I finally get to spend some quality time at home this summer!

Last year the City of Ottawa (Ontario) announced that they would be issuing 20 new street vending permits in 2013.  After an intensive selection process which saw over 60 applicants present their business plan to a panel of local judges, the list of successful entrepreneurs was released on Friday. The final list can be seen HERE on the city’s media release page.