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From Customer to Vendor: Getting My Feet Wet with Gongfu Bao

Gongfu's custom bao cart.

After three summers of eating my face off at food truck events across North America, I decided it was time for me to step up and get some experience on the vendor’s side.  So about a month ago, with Toronto’s Food Truck Eats 2nd Annual AwesTRUCK event looming, I was given the opportunity to get on board with the Gongfu Bao Cart, and I jumped at the chance.


5 Reasons Your Food Trailer Is Failing

The food trailer landscape has change dramatically in Austin, Texas over the last few years. We’ve seen the tremendous influx of trailers and trucks in late 2010, the spike in 2011 and the somewhat decline and stabilization in 2012. Since then, trailers and their owners have seemed to hit their stride. Despite this slight feeling of having their roots planted as a staple of Austin cuisine, trailers are still failing as any other business may. Lack of success is not usually one big mistake, it’s a combination of multiple variables. Regardless, there are some super basic missteps that are being taken far too often by trailers and trucks in Austin.


All Roads Lead To The ROAM Mobile Food Conference

In the past two years I have had the privilege of participating in the MUFSO Supershow and the Southwest Foodservice Expo, both of which incorporated food trucks into programs designed for restaurant owners. Finally, there is a conference for those associated with the mobile food community and I wish I could go!

The ROAM Mobile Food Conference is a three day event that will feature a number of well-known speakers in the street food industry including Richard Myrick from Mobile Cuisine Magazine, Matt Geller from the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association and representatives from the Institute for Justice, who have challenged street vending laws in several cities across the US.


The Soured Peach – How to Avoid a Customer Service Nightmare

harry & david, royal riviera, bear mountain gift, customer service, social sales, social media, customer retention, loyalty, branding, food trucks, fan base, food network, eat st, stitches 'n dishesNow, in 2013 more than ever before, any food truck operator who fails to realize social media’s potential for customer interaction and retention are not only being left behind, they’re potentially setting themselves up for catastrophic failure. (more…)

Food Talks 7: All About Street Food

The Electric Owl Social Club recently played host to Richard Wolak’s Food Talks series, and this time around it was all about Vancouver’s game changing street food scene.  Food Talks runs bi-monthly and brings together a diverse group of speakers from within the food community, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.