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Jon Favreau Gets It Right With Chef

First of all I should let you know that I am a bit biased here.

Not only do I love the subject of Jon Favreau’s latest movie Chef but I also adore the cast and every location that it is set in. Having spent the past four years as the host of Eat St. on Food Network Canada I have had the incredible pleasure of travelling to LA, Miami, Austin and New Orleans (to name a few) and meeting some of the top food truck chefs in North America. I have been at the front lines chronicling the food truck revolution and have witnessed it going from an urban trend to a red hot movement that has taken over the streets of virtually every city in North America. Food trucks are everywhere and Favreau totally captures every relevant aspect of why.


Two Year Review: What’s Changed? What Hasn’t?

On July 4, 2011, I watched Eat St. on the Cooking Channel for the first time and the idea for a food truck blog was born.  On July 3, 2013, the Eat St. teaser for Nammi truck was released and for less than half a second you see and hear me. What a surreal moment and an exciting way to acknowledge two amazing years!


So You Want to Make Food Porn

Food is an art. It’s a language. It’s emotive and it’s nourishing. For many, in that particular order. Rosalind Coward, feminist food critic, first coined the term, “food porn” in 1984, and we’ve had a steamy, visual love affair with food since. And in today’s mobile world, if you’re not sharing a photo of a cat on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you’re probably sharing a photo of your lunch or dinner (or you’d like to). (more…)

Top Five Twitter Best Practices for Food Truck Owners

It’s tough enough to run a food business without worrying if your customers can find you. Fortunately, most food truck owners know the value of social media, especially when it comes to Twitter. But the real question is, “what are the best, most effective ways to tweet?”

I’ve reviewed a random sample of Twitter feeds for Arizona-based food trucks. Here are my favorite examples of effective food truck tweeting.


Why Street Food?

There’s no question that street food is gaining in popularity in the U.S. and Canada, but why? The lineups are longer, kitchens are smaller and more limited, seating is scarce, and there’s no cute waitress (or waiter, let’s keep this politically correct) ready to seat you; and that’s why! (more…)