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Eat St. Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons are dedicated Eat St. ambassadors who help us stay up to date on the latest food truck developments in their cities. They often contribute guest blog posts and lend their insights and advice as foodies, marketing professionals and experienced food truck experts.


From: Vancouver (Canada)

Blogs at: Sean’s Adventures in Flavor townEat In Eat OutVancouver Street Eats.

Twitter: @Yvrbcbro

Facebook: Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town

Interesting fact: Sean is also a blogger for Zagat! Check out his work at Fork and Tell.

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From: Orlando, FL

Blogs at:

Twitter: @Droolius

Facebook: Droolius Blog

Interesting fact: Droolius was just named one of ten Foodspotting Ambassadors!

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DFW Food Truck Foodie

From: Dallas (Fort Worth), Texas

Blogs at: DFW Food Truck Foodie

Twitter: @dfwfoodtruckfoodie

Facebook: DFW Foor Truck Foodie

Interesting fact: DFW actually works for a large corporation by day, but she moonlights as a food blogger and local food truck expert.

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Chef Bev Lazo, a.k.a Coolinary Trends

From: Los Angeles, California

Blogs at: Chef Bevs Blog on Tumblr

Twitter: @chefbevlazo

Facebook: Coolinary Trends

Interesting fact: Chef Bev is on the culinary team for The Border Grill truck, the one run by celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger.

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Stitches n’ Dishes

From: San Diego, CA

Blog: Stitches n’ Dishes

Twitter: @stitchesndishes

Facebook: Stitches n’ Dishes

Interesting fact: Stitches ‘n Dishes is the creation of Christopher Ford and Andrew Nicora, and it’s inspired by Stitch, an American Staff. Terrier mix / Bichon Frise, born October 24, 2010.

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Toronto Food Trucks

From: Toronto, Canada

Blogs at: Toronto Food Trucks

Twitter: @foodtrucksto

Facebook: Toronto Food Trucks

Interesting fact: Not only is Mark the founder of Toronto Food Trucks, he’s also a freelance web designer and digital marketing consultant.

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Street Food Files

From: Tucson, Arizona

Blogs at: Street Food Files

Twitter: @streetfoodfiles

Facebook: Street Food Files

Interesting fact: Street Food Files is an online project being developed by business/technology author/writer Kim M. Bayne. SFF works include the Street Food Files Wiki, a user-contributed resource open for anyone to contribute.

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Kathy Ferguson

From: Ottowa, Canada

Blogs at: Kathy Eats

Twitter: @Street_Eater

Interesting fact: We first met Kathy when she was conducting her own West Coast Street Food Tour! She’ll travel far and wide to get the latest dish on the best street food in North America.

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Mari Taketa 

From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Blogs at: Nonstop Honolulu

Twitter: @Nonstopmari

Interesting fact: Mari’s a foodie, writer and traveller by trade who’s deeply embedded in the Honolulu food truck scene, she’s hoping some laws will be passed to allow the trucks to roam freely and legally!

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Tony Yamanaka

From: Austin, Texas

Blogs at: Food Trailers Austin

Twitter: @foodtrailersatx

Facebook: Food Trailers

Interesting fact: Tony has always had an interest in food and considers himself the worst food critic on the planet.

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