Eat St. Filming Schedule – The Gypsy Truck, Dangerous Pies and Fojol Bros.Baltimore/Washington

This week’s filming schedule has us chasing after The Gypsy Truck in Baltimore, Maryland then racing over to Washington, DC to see what’s going on with bad ass pie truck Dangerous Pies and finally experiencing the carnival-esque caravan Fojol Bros. Who’s coming down for a taste?TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th  2011

The Gypsy Truck@thegypsytruck

Picture this: a waffle cone stuffed to the brim with ooey-gooey Mac n’ Cheese then topped off with bacon “bling”. That’s right. We said it, and Baltimore’s Gypsy Truck is serving it up this Tuesday from 12pm – 2pm at the University of Maryland Medical Campus (at the intersection of Baltimore St and Greene St, across from the Maryland School of Law). Back to school just got a whole lot tastier.



Dangerous Pies@ThePieTruckDC

Feeling like you haven’t done anything exciting lately? How about adding a little bit of danger into your day? We’ve got the perfect antidote for the midweek doldrums: dangerously delicious pies at DC’s best pie truck. Don’t have a big sweet tooth? That’s not a problem, the pie truck dishes up savory treats and quiches for salty tongues. With something for everyone, there are no plausible excuses not to join Eat St. and Dangerous Pies between 12pm -2pm at Metro Center (607 13th St. NW Washington, DC 20005). See you there. Wear a helmet.



Fojol Bros. - @fojolbros

The self professed “traveling culinary carnival” serves up healthy, preservative-free meals from faraway lands. Take a trip to “Merlindia” where spicy and sumptuous stews are served on rice, or if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, try expanding your horizons in “Benethiopia” where meals are scooped up with delightful injera bread. If it gets a little too hot to handle, grab a Lossipop as a convenient cool-down treat. Traverse the culinary universe with us from 12pm – 2pm at 20th -21st and Virginia on the South Side in Washington, DC.


Don’t fret if you can’t make it down to the filming (though we hope you try your best) . You can always catch up with the aforementioned trucks via the Eat St. App!




  • Kate

    Friday is the 16th.  So, is filming on Friday, or on the 15th?  (Same is true for other dates.)

    • Corey Dilley

      Hi Kate, thanks for pointing that out. We’ve fixed the dates above.