Eat St. On Location: Grazing Arizona

Arizona has always been a refuge for snowbirds and sun worshipers, but lately it’s also become a top destination for discerning foodies thanks to a welcome infusion of new gourmet food trucks. Come and see what the fuss is about as we cruise into the Copper State to visit the most talked about food trucks in Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson.

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Date: Friday, November 15

Location: HB Hanrattyʼs Pub (537 East Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ)

Filming time: 8:00 p.m.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, frank. rolls into town and knocks your socks off with some of the freshest and most creative flavors that have ever been nestled in between two buns. From hot dogs smothered in bacon and funyuns to bratwursts encased in grilled cheese sandwiches, this fabulous food truck is boldly reinventing an American classic and having a ton of fun in the process.

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What they will cook for us:

3AM: A grilled-cheese-sandwich-encased bratwurst with bacon, candied jalapenos, housemade habanero ketchup and onion crunchies. The grilled cheese “bun” has American and cheddar cheese so thereʼs plenty of gooey goodness to go around.

The Maine Squeeze: A poached lobster tails with chipotle bechamel mac and cheese with panko and a lemon zest gremolata. Try it with a classic all beef hot dog on a toasted brioche.

Mr. Bahn Mi-Yagi: This dog has lemongrass-pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, fresh jalapenos, and a sriracha aioli atop a toasted brioche bun. Try it with a chicken apple sausage for a playful twist on the classic!

The Bandit: Smoked spanish onions, bacon and bourbon BBQ sauce with cheddar cheese and cilantro. Try it on a pretzel bun with a smoked polish sausage.

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Saffron JAK

Date: Saturday, November 16

Location: C2 Tactical Gun Range (8475 South Emerald Drive, Tempe, AZ)

Filming time: 11:00 a.m.

Brothers Jayson and Jaymes Khademi have a truly unique conccept. Using hard-to-get Persian sourdough bread as their base, they cook up pizzas in their stone-plate oven and top them with delicious, clever and crowd-pleasing flavors! With a range that runs from cheffy (spicy Chinese BBQ pork) to homey (The “Jumbo JAK”, their take on a cheeseburger pizza), the Khademi boys infuse all of their pizzas with passion, creativity and heart.

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What they will cook for us:

The Hot Kelly: Chinese BBQ pork thatʼs seared and slow-roasted shares stonebread real estate with pickled jalapenos and tangy chunks of red onion before itʼs put in the oven. As it comes out, it gets topped with shredded cabbage and a spicy sriracha aioli.

Buffalo Chicken: Slow-roasted chicken breast doused in hot sauce, smothered in Danish blue cheese and topped with cilantro, all cooled down with a housemade ranch drizzle.

The Jumbo JAK: Ground beef, white onions, housepickled Persian cucumbers, housemade ketchup, housemade mustard and cheddar. Itʼs an old-school diner burger done Saffron JAK-style!

House Turkey Sausage: Their housemade spicy turkey sausage atop organic tomato sauce with mozzarella.

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Date: Sunday, November 17

Location: Four Peaks Tasting Room on Wilson (2401 S. Wilson St. Tempe, AZ)

Filming time: 5:00 p.m.

A typical Rock-A-Belly dish can best be described as the food that happens when a gourmet sandwich and a tantalizing taco have a baby and that baby grows up and joins a rockabilly band. Sound intriguing? It is! Arabic bread-based “rock-os” (not tacos!) are the bases for most of Rock-A-Bellyʼs menu, which is a totally fun fusion between modern American diner food and classic Southwestern Mexican. These guys may be new to the scene, but they’re already making plenty of noise with their amazing curbside cuisine.

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What they will cook for us:

Chubby Checker: Shaved ribeye steak, caramelized onions and peppers, jalapeno jack sauce with truckmade black garlic salt and a garlic cream served on a “rock-o”, which is an Arabic bread with a consistency somewhere between a pita and a naan.

Rbit: Thick, hearty slices of cracked black black pepper bacon with Arizona tomatoes, savory aioli, house infused red wine and black garlic salt and micro greens, all served on a rock-o.

The Cash: Chicken poached in a lime, tomato, onion, serrano pepper, and garlic puree, then shredded and placed on a corn tortilla with tillamook cheese blend, cabbage, microgreens and cilantro and chipotle aioli.

The Big Bopper: Ground sirloin with housemade mustard and mayo, diced onions, tomato, and pico de gringo topped with microgreens and served on a rock-o.

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Luncha Libre

Date: Monday, November 18

Location: Margaret T. Hance Park (1202 N 3rd St., Phoenix, AZ)

Filming time: 11:00 a.m.

Easily Phoenixʼs most popular food truck, Luncha Libre deliver incredible flavors that appeal equally to foodies and critics alike. Quesadillas are their signature dish, but for those times when you are craving a big olʼ burger, they have a few menu items not to be missed. With a gourmet sensibility and a firm commitment to the sinfully spicy, these guys are rocking the valley with their carne asada-filled “Steak & Bleu”, their Bulgogi-inspired “Koreadilla” and their French-toast-chorizo burger!

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What they will cook for us:

Dulce Diablo Burger: A 1/2 lb chorizo and angus beef patty with grilled serrano peppers and bacon betwixt a french toast bun. Served with maple syrup.

All Thaiʼd Up: A citrus-marinated chicken breast with serranos, grilled onions, sweet Thai chili sauce and jack cheese. A delicious sweet and spicy combo.

Koreadilla: Korean-style BBQ beef with jalapenos, onions, jack cheese and purple cabbage, served with “Piledriver Death Salsa” for a spicy, satisfying heat.

Steak & Bleu: Perfectly seasoned carne asada, bleu cheese and pico de gallo. Deceptively simple, this meaty meanie has a loyal following of fans that return to devour it every week.

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Aji Mobile Foods

Date: Friday, November 22

Location: 14 East Pierce St., Phoenix, AZ

Filming time: 11:00 a.m.

Ecuadorian and pan-Latin American sandwiches lead the menu on this fabulous father-and-son truck. Aji Mobile Foods is based on the idea that aji (a flavorful, spicy sauce that can be fine-tuned to take any sandwich over the top) is what connects all of the flavors and brings everything together. Meats are marinated with family recipes so that when you sink your teeth into all of the succulent roasted pork, juicy marinated steak and all the peppers, garlic and cilantro you’ve been dreaming of, the result is hearty, satisfying street eat with Latin flair!

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What they will cook for us:

Tripleta: A nod to Puerto Rico, this sandwich is also known as “the monster sandwich”, and comes served with piles of succulent roasted pork, juicy marinated steak and crispy shoestring potatoes, as well as lettuce and tomato to freshen it up and add some crunch. Topped with chimichurri aioli and multiple toothpicks to keep it together!

El Lomito: A nod to Peru, this sandwich has grilled steak, sauteed onions, tomato and french fries grilled in a spicy soy ginger sauce and garnished with cilantro!

Hornado: The Ecuadorean sandwich with slow-roasted pork and citrus pickled onions, with aji serrano (a garlic pepper sauce) and cotija cheese.

El Gaucho: A nod to Argentina, this sandwich has steak with caramelized red onions, arugula and a chimichurri aioli. The mildness of the steak is offset by the punchiness of the aji!

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Planet of the Crepes

Date: Sunday, November 24

Location: Heirloom Farmersʼ Markets (4380 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ)

Filming time: 9:00 a.m.

What happens when a seasoned pastry chef with experience in high-end restaurants decides to go out on her own in Tucsonʼs fledgling street food scene? You get Planet of the Crepes, 2012 winner of Tucson Weeklyʼs “Best Food Truck” (and runner-up in 2013). With a crepe batter that canʼt be beat, Chef Jessica pours her heart and soul into her recipes, pairing fresh local classics with seasonally available specials.

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What they will cook for us:

The Pesto: This to-die-for crepe is stuffed with pesto, mushrooms, goatʼs cheese, spinach and tomatoes for a golden brown slice of heaven layered and folded with crepe crispiness to offset the gooey warmth of the pesto-smothered toppings!

Asparagus: Grilled asparagus meets its brunchy match with poached peacock or duck egg, prosciutto and parmesan.

Le Banh Mi: Coconut braised pork shoulder, candied jalapenos, nappa cabbage, pickled carrots, mint, cilantro and basil come together to make this pillowy version of the Vietnamese classic.

The Chicken: Brined, grilled chicken breast is served with roasted green chilies, cheddar, salsa and avocado.

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Serial Grillers

Date: Monday, November 25

Location: Food Truck Court (7889 East 22nd Street Tucson AZ)

Filming time: 12:00 p.m.

It isn’t hard to see why Serial Grillers are Tucson Weeklyʼs Best Food Truck of 2013. Their eye-popping menu pushes the limits of sanity (and gravity). Towering piles of onion rings, french fries and jalapeno-poppers are just some of the things youʼll find wedged between these buns. Every burger is available as a 1/4lb or 1/2lb of juicy, fresh-grilled beef and each menu item features Serial Grillers’ own maniacally engineered mix of southwestern spices and sauces that will drive your tastebuds crazy!

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What they will cook for us:

Gormogon: Double sliced ribeye, double grilled onions, double hot peppers, double sweet peppers, topped with french fries, onion rings, bacon and double white american cheese.

The Psycho: Sliced ribeye, grilled onions, jalapenos, avocado, cilantro mayo, tomatoes and jack cheese.

Chucky Burger: 100% ground chuck angus burger, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeño poppers, sriracha ranch sauce, with melted cheddar topped with onion crunch.

Trinity Killer: 100% ground chuck angus burger with fried mac & cheese, pancetta, mayo and cheddar cheese and served on a sourdough bun.