Eat St. on Location: Sunny San Diego!

We’ll be having a devil of a time in sunny San Diego next week where we’ll be filming some truly unique  and quirky trucks, so come out and play with us and Devilicious, Recess, Food Farm and MIHO!



Food Farm@foodfarmsd

Where? 600 Pacific View Drive


Food Farm - California fresh, with attitude.

Food  Farm is a big green renovated school bus serving up creative yet simple dishes like falafel dogs, ginger chicken, grass-fed beef sliders, strawberry salad, and avocado melts. This truck provides simple food with big flavours and a gourmet touch. This food looks, smells, and tastes so good, diners wonʼt even notice that itʼs also pretty good for you. The truck walks the line between high-end, healthy and fresh (wife, Chef Kari) and cheesy, fatty, and deep-fried (husband, Dave.)

Meet the Vendors - Kari and Dave Rich

Chef Kari and Dave Rich

Chef Kari is a bubbly, outgoing chef with a passion for food. She has a culinary degree and trained at Le Cordon Bleu and has an extensive background working in many high end kitchens with some of Californiaʼs top chefs. Kari has a passion for preparing local, fresh, sustainable food from scratch and loves the business that she and her husband have created. While Kari has the gourmet background and culinary skills, Dave brings a lively sense of humor to the truck and handles most of the non-food related business. “Working together is terrible, we hate it,” he jokes. “We really get along. We each have our own responsibilities. We do not micro manage each other, and we learned to fight early on. She wins the food related fights, and I win the others because I have a wonderful logical brain.” Dave works full-time in the oil and natural gas industry, works on the truck and moonlights as a stand-up comedian. When it comes to food, Dave is Kariʼs toughest critic (he often doubts that her healthy dish ideas will taste good) and her biggest fan (they usually do taste delicious and he will admit to being wrong).

Menu Highlights

Grass Fed Sliders

House Special – Grass Fed Sliders

Fresh juicy ground beef, seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, mixed and formed into 4 oz patties. They are cooked on the flat top to order and topped with a blue cheese mousse that Kari whips to a creamy, spreadable consistency, onions caramelized on the flat top, whole grain mustard and arugula served on toasted sweet Hawaiian buns. Kari’s been told by customers that they dream about these sliders!

Banana Chocolate Fritters: Batter mixed with soft butter, sugar, flour, salt, baking soda, mushy bananas and formed into nuggets and stuffed with discs of dark chocolate and deep fried until crispy and cooked through.

Soyrizo Chilli Fries: Diced onions, minced garlic, soy-rizo tempeh heated in a large pot over a burner and mixed with black beans, pinto beans and crushed tomatoes. Chili is scooped onto fresh french fries and topped with shredded cheddar and fresh cilantro.

Avocado Melt: Kariʼs special arugula pesto made with blended arugula leaves, walnuts, lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan cheese spread on two slices of whole wheat bread, topped with swiss cheese. When the cheese melts over the pesto, Kari adds two strips of fried bacon and sliced avocado and squishes sandwich together.

Sweet Coconut Milk and Rice: Cooked short grain rice mixed with coconut milk, agave nectar, brown sugar, cinnamon, toasted coconut shreds and then cooked to a creamy consistency.



Where? Bird Park in North Park on 28th & Thorn


MIHO - Global Gastro Truck

MIHO Gastrotruck has quickly become one of the most popular and highly regarded food trucks in San Diego since their opening in May 2010. This food truck is owned and operated by Juan Miron and Kevin Ho. Their philosophy is to “use fresh, local, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create hand crafted street food that is affordable, convenient, and delicious.” Their menu changes weekly and is dependent on what local ingredients are available  seasonally. The name comes from their last names: Juan Miron (MI) and Kevin’s last name is HO. Plus, in Spanish it’s a term of endearment, mi hijo or mijo. They call their followers “HOMI’s”.

Meet the Vendors – Juan Miron (MI) and Kevin Ho (HO)

Juan and Kevin

Juan and Kevin met when they were working at The Linkery in North park.  The Linkery has a ’farm-to-table’ mentality for their menu, so since both Juan and Kevin chose to work there, it was logical that they shared this same philosophy about food.  Juan took his passion for food and cooking outside of the restaurant and started hosting underground supper clubs where he would entertain large groups of friends for dinners of homemade foods paired with craft beers. Eventually, Kevin got in on the supper-club action, and the two became fast friends. Kevin is Chinese and Juan is Mexican, and they grew up with a big appreciation for street food.  They clued in to the gourmet hot food truck movement, and knew immediately this was the venue they were looking for to bring their love for food to a larger community.

Menu Highlights

Chicken Tostada

House Special – Chicken Tostada

Free range chicken, chipotle, shredded local cabbage, refried black beans, Juanatio, crema fresca, truck fried tostada

Jerk Burger - Grass fed beef, local persimmon chutney, hand made jerk aioli, goat cheese, local arugula, house cured bacon on a brioche Bun

Butternut squash flatbread -  Local butternut squash, béchamel, shaved parmesan, caramelized onions, sautéed local chard, spinach & kale, hand made whole wheat flatbread

Pomegranate citrus salad – Local pomegranate & oranges, local mixed greens, glazed pecans, blue cheese, lemon vinaigrette

Belgian style fries – hand cut kennebec potato, hand made moroccan spice catsup

Caramel apples – Hand dipped local local apples




Where? 4840 Eastgate Mall


Food to bring out the kid in you!

After years of dreaming about owning and operating a “fun business,” Jason started to see food trucks popping up all over San Diego. Soon, it became clear that a food truck could be that business. Since his background is working in market research, he began looking into successful food trucks all over North America and conducting market research and exploring trends to come up with a concept. He remembered being “tied to a desk” and working through lunch hour, eating at his computer as fast as he could. Then he remembered being a kid in school and how recess and lunch hour were so fun and filled with possibility. He and Rachel started working with the “Recess” concept to create a truck with school-themed menu items, call the truck staff “lunch ladies” and build a fun brand and a dining experience that would bring back the fun and nostalgia of school lunches and recess breaks.

Meet the Vendors - Jason and Rachel Swinford & Josh McQueen (Head chef)

Jason, Rachel and head chef Josh - "The Lunch Ladies"

Jason is a business-saavy entrepreneur with a degree in organizational development and absolutely no experience working in the food industry. He has always worked in trends, marketing, experimenting with business models while dreaming of one day opening a fun business that he really believed in. Rachel owns a graphic design agency and splits her time between that business and working the window at the truck. Jason says he loves watching her work because when sheʼs on the truck all of her A-type, bossy, up-tight personality traits come out and sheʼs always barking orders and hassling the employees. But no one takes her too seriously and they all laugh it off. Jason calls himself the “king of the upsell” and  loves working the window and out great food and friendly customer service. The truckʼs head chef is Josh McQueen, a Texan with a big laugh and a fun personality. He often starts a “dance party” in the truck kitchen

Menu Highlights

The Bully!

House Special - “The Bully: feared, misunderstood, but oh so tasty”

Kick it old school with a 1/3lb Certified Humane grass-fed patty, cheddar or good ʻol Americano, smoked Applewood Bacon, grilled onions, Recess signature spicy BBQ sauce, crisp iceberg, tomato and red onion on a fresh-baked bun.

Chess Club: Free-range chicken breast and strips of smoked applewood bacon grilled on the flat-top then stacked high with avocado, lettuce and tomato then topped off house-made garlic aioli on freshbaked sour dough bread.

The Juvenile Deliquent: A1/3lb Certified Humane grass-fed patty grilled on the flat top, and then topped with a slice of cheddar or American cheese, grilled strips of smoked Applewood Bacon, grilled chopped jalapenos, a thick layer of local strawberry jam, crisp iceberg, tomato and red onion on a fresh-baked bun.

TOTchos: Tots are deep fried until crispy and fully cooked, then topped with ground beef  cooked on the flat top, shredded cheese, chopped jalapenos and Recess sauce (aoili).

The Early Bird: Free range eggs scrambled and applewood bacon fried on the flat top, topped with shredded harvarti or cheddar and sandwiched between two toasted slices of sourdough.

TOTS: Remedial (crispy deep fried tots topped with bacon-salt, shredded cheddar, and signature recess sauce aioli), Advanced Placement (crispy deep fried tots seasoned with truffle oil and crumbled feta cheese) and Chocotots ( crispy deep fried tots, dipped in chocolate and chilled to harden)


Devilicious - @deviliciousfood

Where? 4000 Ruffin Road


Food so good ... it's bad!

The Devilicious Truck brings twisted comfort food creations to the streets of San Diego. Their motto is that life is too short to waste it eating bad food. Devilicious offers hearty and quality comfort food made fresh daily. While their menu can change daily their most popular item hands-down is the butter poached Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich. It often sells out and Devilicious has gone through as much as seventy pounds of lobster in just two hours!

Meet the Vendors – Dyan and Mark Manning

Dyann and Mark Manning - Devilicious

This newlywed couple own and operate not one, but two Devilicious trucks in San Diego. They met through a professional match maker. Dyann’s background as a chef includes graduating from CIA and working at Gramercy Tavern in New York with Tom Colicchio. Mark has worked as a general contractor for most of his life, but fell into food truck life when Dyann started up the truck with her best friend a couple of years ago. Mark quit his job and joined the team. Dyann is a creative tour de force. Sheʼs the head chef and the driving force behind the menu, weekly specials, and new dishes. She admits with creativity comes disorganization and being forgetful. Mark is the logical, organized, business-minded one. He  takes care of the accounting, the paperwork, hiring and firing. Dyann says they balance one another out perfectly and she loves working with her husband.

Menu Highlights

Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese

House Special - Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese

Fresh Flippertail Lobster is poached on the flat top in a tonne of butter. Onions are chopped and caramelized on the flat top. Lobster, onions, sliced roma tomatoes and shredded Jack Cheddar Cheese are assembled on buttered sourdough bread and grilled on the flat top. The sandwiches are all served with a small green salad on the side.One food blogger wrote: “If you stand anywhere in close proximity to the truck, you begin to drool due to the intoxicating smell of caramelized onions and butter. The lobster is moist and juicy and lends a lovely flavor to the mixture of cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions and crunchy grilled sourdough bread.

All Crab Crab Cake: Canned Blue Crab Meat is mixed with sriracha hot sauce, mayo, egg, and panko bread crumbs and formed into cakes. Cakes are fried on the flat top and served on a toasted sourdough english muffin with lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion. Customers can top it “Benedictstyle” with a sunny side up fried egg.

Chili Cheddar Stuffed Jalapenos: Fresh jalapenos split and filled with homemade mild chili (ground beef, garlic, cumin, onions), shredded cheddar and a dollop of cream cheese. They are skewered, tempura breaded and deep fried.

Spicy Tuna ‘Nachos’: Sushi grade fresh ahi tuna is diced and blended with spicy mayo and lemon juice and served over crispy wonton nachos and topped with tobiko (fish roe) and fried or raw quail egg.

Dessert ʻWich: Bananas sliced and caramelized with brown sugar on the flat top, sandwiched between two slices of sourdough bread with peanut butter and maple syrup, then grilled on the flat top and dusted with powdered sugar.

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