Growing Your Customer Base and Ensuring they Stay – Loyalty Programs and Foursquare

Have you ever had a customer service experience so rewarding, you wanted to go back to that establishment? What about an experience where the staff knew you on a first name basis?

Perhaps for vendors and food truck owners reading this, have you ever had a customer come up to you and say they are recommending their friends and family to your truck because of a promotion you offered?

If you have, that feeling must be pretty good. If you haven’t, don’t worry; in this post, we will discuss how to generate repeat business and create your own street food fanbase.

Last week, we asked two our Twitter followers two questions:
1.) Do any #foodtrucks have loyalty programs or issue coupons?
2.) We have a blog post coming up this Monday on #foodtrucks and #Foursquare. Any trucks out there using it right now?

We wanted to see how food trucks are rewarding loyal customers who come back to their carts on a repeat basis. After reading the responses we got, two things stuck out: the use of a loyalty programs (such as a punch card), and Foursquare, a location-based social media program. Here’s what some foodies and food truck vendors had to say:

For loyalty programs:

And these for Foursquare:


Loyalty programs and Foursquare check-ins are great ways for food truck vendors to give back to their customers while attracting more business. By offering deals to repeat customers, you build a relationship with them, and this then gets passed on to their friends network by word-of-mouth, social media, or because your loyal customer is bringing someone else to your cart.

As we saw from the Rickshaw Stop’s example above, it is quite easy to create a loyalty program. One example is to use punch cards, where if a customer purchases an item, they get their card stamped; after their card is stamped a number of times, they get a meal for free. While all this works for promotions and deals offline, how can these specials be taken online?

Enter Foursquare, a location-based social media app where users can check in to a location. Foursquare is particularly useful in this case because other users can see that this person is at a place, and conversations can take place as a result. For example, if you check in to XYZ Food Truck, your social media followers can see that check-in, and they can ask how the food there was among other questions.

Another benefit to Foursquare is the perks it provides to those who frequent a location (ie. your food truck). There is a special designation called the “mayor” for anyone who checks in to a location more than anyone else within a 60-day limit. Because only one person can be mayor at any given point in time, this position and title is quite admirable and is sought out by Foursquare users.

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