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We recently connected with Kim Bayne, the super writer/editor behind Street Food Files, an online source for all the latest coverage of the food truck revolution, particularly as it unfolds in Arizona. When I saw her blog post outlining the easy step-by-step process of adding a free menu tab to a food truck’s Facebook fan page, I knew it was just the kind of advice our community of curbside culinarians would appreciate. She generously offered to share her post with us, so if you don’t already have one, find out how to add your free menu tab after the jump … 

If you are a Facebook Page administrator, you can share your food truck’s menu on your fan page. Follow these simple steps to add Menutab for Restaurants.

Click the Facebook image to view a quick video or scroll down and read the steps.

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  1. Log in to Facebook then enter Menutab for Restaurants in the top Search box or go directly to the page here. If you search for it, make sure you select the actual App, not the About page.

  2. If you’re using Facebook as your fan page, you’ll see a “road block” message: Facebook will ask you to switch to your personal profile. Click the Continue as… button.
  3. Select the Click here to install Menutab link. In some cases, you may not see this link.
  4. On the Add Menutab for Restaurants…? box, verify the fan page name then click the Add Menutab button.
  5. On your fan page, scroll down and select the Edit link next to About (on the left-hand side).
  6. Now click on the Apps link on the left-hand side.
  7. Scroll down the App Settings list and click on the Menutab for RestaurantsGo to App link.

  8. On your menu tab page, click the Create Menu button and title your menu.

  9. Enter a menu category then click the Create Category button.
  10. Enter the menu itemdescription and price then click the Create Item button. Repeat for each menu, category or item as needed.

Special Notes:

  • You can go back and edit anything at any time.
  • If you have a large menu, you may wish to choose the Import option instead.

  • If you no longer wish to use Menutab, you can remove it in your App Settings list by clicking the X

    About Kim Bayne/ Street Food Files

    Kim Bayne, Founder of Street Food Files

    Kim M. Bayne is Writer/Editor of Street Food Files, an online source for news and views on food truck fever. In her day job, Kim is a senior writer for a software company, where she creates online help for software and mobile apps. She is also on her employer’s social media customer care team. Kim lives in sunny Tucson, Arizona and loves to “hunt down” local gourmet food trucks at night and on weekends. You can follow Kim via Street Food Files:
    • Support Tampa Bay Food Trucks

      Thanks for the cool ap, this rocks!

      • Eat St. Tweet

        No problem! Glad you enjoy the app and the tips here. Here’s hoping Tampa Bay Food Trucks (and all food trucks across North America) get the support they need. 

    • A_ferenc_2000

      I deleted it by mistake and I can’t figure out how to get it back when I try it’s says you’ve already installed it

    • Anonymous

      You can get help from the app creator’s support team – Menutab for Restaurants – by posting to this Facebook page wall

    • rob

      I was a fan of food trucks, when they were called “roach coaches” in NYC (not too appetizing). The food in Scranton PA is pretty sad, so i put my money where my mouth is and opened a 500 Sq foot chili parlor, slated to open next week. There are a few food trucks in the area at night for the bar scene- rather than buy a truck and burn gas, i went the more expensive and time consuming route of opening a storefront. 
      I need some help and you seem to be the most knowledgeable person around. I found you through the menutab FB site- I would like to be able to set up an online ordering and delivery system. Could you refer me to something you would use if you were in my shoes?
      I make the best chili for 500 miles around- and I would be happy to send you some…