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Video Interview: On the Road with James Cunningham

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He was Mr. Emotek in System Crash, he’s been featured on Last Comic Standing, Just for Laughs and Comedy Inc., he’s the creator of North America’s award-winning ”FUN-ancial” lecture for students, Funny Money, and he currently hosts the hit TV series, Eat St. by Paperny Films, which profiles the best street food across North America on Food Network Canada and Cooking Channel in the US.

So You Want to Make Food Porn

Food is an art. It’s a language. It’s emotive and it’s nourishing. For many, in that particular order. Rosalind Coward, feminist food critic, first coined the term, “food porn” in 1984, and we’ve had a steamy, visual love affair with food since. And in today’s mobile world, if you’re not sharing a photo of a cat on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you’re probably sharing a photo of your lunch or dinner (or you’d like to). (more…)

Get A Taste of the Eat St. Android App

Looking for a killer grilled cheese sandwich? Craving a midnight taco truck rendezvous? We can help! We’re thrilled to announce that our award-winning Eat St. app is now available on Android.


The Eat St. App Launches Today!


Eat St. iPhone AppDesperately seeking a 2 lb grilled cheese? Craving a midnight taco truck Rendezvous? Pining for several flavours of gourmet hotdog? The brand new Eat St. iPhone App serves up directions to the best street food in your area within 10 seconds and 3 taps on your phone.

You can download it here!