Meet the Eat St. Team

Ever wonder who you’re really talking to when you’re tweeting with @EatStTweet or hanging out with when you’re chatting with us on Facebook? Well we thought it was about time to unveil the team behind Eat St. digital! Meet Corey and Lima, food truck lovers and Eat St. loyalists.

Corey - Marketing and Business Development manager

Ultimate Sandwich Swap with Corey and Jay

Hi, I’m Corey! I’ve been working for Eat St. since just before we launched in February 2011. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of food carts and was the voice of Eat St. on Twitter, Facebook, the Eat St. Blog and answering feedback until mid-summer 2011 when Lima came on board. Although I’m not as social with my new role as Marketing and Business Development manager, I still love to talk to street food vendors and street food fans whenever I get a chance.

With owner’s personality, cart’s creativeness and quality of food as the judging criteria, my favorite carts are Tacofino(Vancouver), Kim Jong Grillin’ (“Rising like a phoenix from the ashes” in Portland), Fresh, Local, Wild (Vancouver), La Brasserie Street (Vancouver) and Naanwraps (Vancouver). In fact, the first time I met Jay from Naanwraps, I traded him a homemade fajita for one of his curry bowls… straight up barter, no guff.

My favorite Eat St. episode is any one of the ones in Austin with Hungry Todd Rungy. He doesn’t know it, but I’m a big fan of his work… he embodies the real American dream.

I also enjoy making ridiculous sandwiches.

Lima – Eat St. Community Manager

Enjoying my dinosaur-shaped grilled PB&J on Texas Toast at The Brunch Box in Portland.

Hi, I’m Lima and I joined the Eat St. team in July, the time when I discovered that there is such a thing as having perpetual cravings and limitless hunger. It’s been a blast chatting with #streetfood fans and die-hard foodies across North America as the voice of @EatStTweet and Eat St.’s Facebook posts as well as several blog posts and the feedback emails (which are super helpful by the way, so thanks for taking the time to write in if you have!). You may have also already caught my cameo in the Eat St. Vendor Video Contest teaser (forward to 0:50)

As far as favourite food trucks go, that’s probably the hardest question to digest (I’m a fan of puns too, you may have noticed…) but a few of my favourites are Coma Food Truck (Vancouver) for their wicked seaweed spring rolls, The Brunch Box (Portland) for their grilled PB&J on Texas Toast (and yes, I did order it in the shape of a dinosaur), and Bun Me (Vancouver) for a most affordable, most delicious street-side Bahn Mi that I have been known to sneak into the movie theatre with me as a dinner-time snack (shh… don’t tell).

My favourite Eat St. episode (again, an impossible feat to consider) has to be anything with #bacon. For some reason, bacon is made to be the most versatile, if completely ridiculous, ingredient. I also really loved Cazamance‘s recent appearance – the segment had this soft glow and warmth that really made it feel like the food was fortified with love.


Randy – Eat St. Researcher

Randy biting into a Re-Up Southern BBQ Sammy!

I’ve been a researcher with Eat St. for longer than I can remember. I started by researching over 2000 food trucks across North America for the launch of the EatSt. App. With my giant database I came over to the Television show calling up some of my favorites to star in the series. It’s always been my goal to bridge thegap between the digital side of the project with the television show. Food trucksare early adopters knowing the power of communication and I’m glad to havelearned so much from them.

When I’m not chasing down food trucks you can find me in my studio andart gallery trying to promote my own work and the work of others. You cancheck out my stuff here ( and the gallery here(

Favorite part of job: Finding inspiration from people who are doing whatthey love. As an artist I know how much of a grind it can be to make a livingdoing your passion but I am constantly inspired by the drive, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of the food truck industry. I have met so many people whohave risked it all to follow their dream – and they have succeeded! We can all learn a lesson from this. ALSO the Re-Up BBQ truck came to cater my birthday this year and showed me how to make the best pulled-pork sandwich in town.

Worst part: Since we have such a rapid shoot schedule, I’m not able to travel and meet everyone I talk to. I’d love to high five so many people I’ve met online and on the phone and tell them to their face they are truly heroes.

Favourite Foods: Anything wrapped with bacon.

Trucks I’d like to visit one day:

1. Pig Vicious (Austin, TX)

2. Jen & Outlaw (Brooklyn, NY)

3. The Grillenium Falcon (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

4. The Fojol Brothers (Washington, DC)

5. The Everybody Love Love Jahl Muri Express (London, England)

Missy – Eat St. Researcher


Missy supporting #YVR food carts with a Kaboom Box sandwich!

I’ve been with Eat St on and off since this spring as a researcher (finding foodtrucks, food personalities, bloggers, locations)

I’m a food-ionado. A true food aficionado. I love grocery shopping, reading restaurant reviews/ food blogs/ magazine/ cook books/ books aboutfood/ food photography, cooking, baking, eating, and blogging

Favourite part of job: The people! I love chatting with awesome truck owners and people who are truly passionate about food. There are some really awesome and unique characters that I’ve been lucky to get to know. I also really like the people I work with- they make this job even more fun.

Worst part: Cleaning the drool off of my phone and keyboard after chatting about mouth-watering food for hours. Not getting to travel to all of the truck shoots- I usually don’t get to meet truck owner/operators face-to-face and sample all of their amazing food.

Favourite Foods: Pho, Thai Curry, Indian Eggplant, Ratatouille, Spicy TunaRolls, Sandwiches, Chili, Fried Eggs (runny yolks!), Homemade Veggie Burgers,Chanterelle and Portabello Mushrooms, Rice Cakes and Peanut Butter, FujiApples, Moussaka, Tacos, Banh Mi, Grilled Squid, Mustard, Hot Sauce

Favourite Trucks: This would be like a parent picking a favourite kid……..I couldn’t possibly choose.