Street Food City Returns to Vancouver With More Flavour Than Ever Before

It’s that time of year again when Dine Out Vancouver takes over the city’s restaurants and Street Food City returns to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Now in its fourth year, Street Food City has expanded to become a week-long event with more than 25 participating food trucks, 15 of which are on site every day from 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. on Monday to Thursday, and 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Friday and the Weekend.

This year’s event features great tunes provided by 96.9 JACK FM and LG 104.3 FM as well as the following amazing food trucks and carts:

  • Aussie Pie Guy
  • Blue Smoke BBQ
  • Chili Tank
  • Community Pizza
  • Culver City Salads
  • Dougie Dog
  • Fat Duck Food Truck
  • Feastro
  • Guanico
  • Holy Perogy
  • JJ’s Truckerteria
  • Johnny’s Creme Brulee
  • The Juice Truck
  • The Kaboom Box
  • Le Tigre
  • Mogu Japanese Street Eats
  • Mom’s Grilled Cheese
  • The Reef Runner
  • Reel Mac and Cheese
  • The Roaming Dragon
  • Soho Road
  • Eli’s Serious Sausage
  • Mangal Kiss
  • Soho Road Naan and Kebab
  • Tazer Grilled Cheese
  • Varinicey Pakoras
  • Vij’s Railway Express
  • Yolk’s Breakfast Truck
  • ZeBite

Many of the vendors are offering a daily special specific for Dine Out, as well as offering some of their classic dishes. While eating everyone’s creations wasn’t an option for me or my waistline, I did pick out my three favourite items and have included them below.

First up from Vij’s Railway Express is the Chicken Biryani Fried Rice Balls with Chai Pickled Grape Couscous Salad. Comforting, spicy and delicious are perfect words to describe this creation from Vikram’s food truck, and they also serve a non-sauced version on their catering menu. The couscous salad was just right for breaking up the richness of the biryani balls, and the chai pickled grapes have a unique tang to them.

Next up from Roaming Dragon is the Shrimp Roll on Brioche with Prosciutto and a Black Kale and Asian Pear Salad. Roaming Dragon packed a soft buttery brioche bun with a classic shrimp salad made with Ocean Wise baby Pacific shrimp and topped it with crispy prosciutto. DELICIOUS! The black kale salad with the crispy Asian pear struck a nice healthy balance, and it had varying levels of crunch and tang.

Lastly from Soho Road we have some classic Keer from Northern India topped with honey, pistachios and silver leaf. This isn’t your mother’s rice pudding, and after eating Soho Road’s Indian classic I don’t think I could go back. Sarb makes this using condensed milk, and the rice pudding is spiced with cardamom so it’s simultaneously comforting and warming. The honey adds another level of sweetness, and the crushed pistachios add the needed crunch. The sliver leaf is also a beautiful touch, but adds nothing to the flavour of the dish. You can find this dish on Sarb’s new biryani food cart when he opens shop in a couple of weeks.

If you’re a lover of Vancouver’s street food scene or visiting the city I’d highly suggest a visit to Street Food City while it’s still up and running. The selection of vendors is great and frankly, what’s better than chowing down on some of the Canada’s best street eats?

Sean Neild

Sean Neild: Flavor Town Adventures

A born and raised Vancouverite, Sean has taken the time to find some of the best food that Vancouver has to offer. With a background in the video game industry, Sean has taken his love of technology and applied it to his love of photography and good food by creating Flavor Town Adventures. He has been published in Chatelaine Magazine as well as the Eat St. Cookbook.