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Shashleek with Tzatziki

Recipe from: Silk Road BBQ

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1 New Zealand or Australian leg of lamb, trimmed (makes about 8 7-ounce skewers)
2 large onions, pureed in a food processor.
Sprinkle of mint and rosemary, mixed well

"Shashleek" (skewered meat) may be pork, if you look to Russian (agricultural legacy) customs. Or it may be lamb, if you look to Central Asian (nomadic legacy) customs. Take the New Zealand leg of lamb, butcher it down to 1" chunks (easier to grill faster) with a minimum of fat. The lamb cubes are tossed in pureed onion, mint, rosemary, and salt and marinade for 1-3 days. Do not use vinegar! Lamb cubes are weighed out in 7 oz. portions and skewered. Skewers can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated. To cook, the skewers are dusted with salt, and grilled to order over hot charcoals. Before serving squirt lemon juice over them.

32 tablespoons Greek yogurt
10 cloves garlic
1-2 cucumbers shredded
Dill, to taste
Sugar, to taste

Tzatziki (pronounced "sod ZEE kee") is a traditional Greek side. Take thick Greek yogurt and mix in lots of minced garlic, lots of shredded cucumber, and dill to create a chunky veggie dish. Can be adjusted to taste, with sprinkles of sugar (it cuts the sharpness of the garlic). The thickness can also be adjusted (but the body should be like a thick tomato sauce, but short of a stiff porridge).

Yield: 8 servings