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Yellow Burger

Recipe from: The Yellow Submarine

For a helping of Colombian style sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, head to the Yellow Submarine in Miami, Florida.

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1 can crushed pineapple in heavy syrup
210 grams chuck ground beef patty
Black pepper
Burger bun
1 slice of Provolone cheese
1 slice of tomato
1 slice of onion
Crushed potato chips

Get a can of crush pineapple in heavy syrup, add pineapple preserve, bring to a boil, let cool and blend in a blender.

Season the beef patty with cumin, salt and black pepper to taste. Form a round ball and put on the grill for about 4 minutes per side.

Toast the burger bun on the grill. Add one slice of provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, ketchup, pineapple sauce and crushed potato chips.

Yield: 1 serving