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The Cowgirl

Recipe from: The Evil Wiener

Get deliciously devilish hot dogs that are b.b.b.bad to the bun at Austin's The Evil Wiener truck.

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For the Brisket:
10-12 pounds brisket, untrimmed
Sea salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
Granulated garlic

For the Cowgirl Weiner:
50 grams of cooked shredded brisket
1 Vienna beef wiener
1 seeded wiener bun
Shredded iceberg or Romaine lettuce
Sliced onions
Sliced dill pickles
Stubbs Original B-B-Q Sauce

For the Brisket:
First season brisket liberally with salt, pepper, and garlic. Let brisket sit for 20-30 minutes.
Have smoker ready at 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place brisket on grates, fat side up, away from coals. Cook for about 15 hours at constant temperature listed. Add more wood as needed to keep coals glowing. Internal temperature of brisket should be about 190 degrees Fahrenheit when done. If you want, you can wrap with foil halfway through cooking process to help with moistness if you are a novice smoker. Let meat rest for about 30 minutes before using.

For the Cowgirl Weiner:
Warm up brisket and add a squirt of water and pinch of salt to moisten and season.
Cook the Wiener in a pan with a few drops of oil and slowly brown on low heat.
When both meats are heated through, place brisket in a seeded warm toasted bun and then lay Wiener on top. Drizzle with B-B-Q sauce.
Add shredded iceberg or romaine lettuce, sliced onions, and sliced pickles, and drizzle with B-B-Q sauce one more time.

Yield: 1 serving