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Jogasaki #4

Recipe from: Jogasaki Burrito

Hit up LA to feast on Sushi at the Jogasaki truck, Japanese cuisine with a Mexican twist.

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1 cup vinegared rice (sushi rice)
1 sheet soy paper
6 ounces ground tuna mixed with Sriracha hot sauce, mayonnaise, sesame chili oil
2 ounces grilled fresh water eel
2 pieces shrimp tempura
2-3 slices avocado
1 piece cucumber wedge

Lay the soy paper on top of your cutting board. Spread the rice evenly over the soy paper.

Spread the already mixed spicy tuna evenly on the sushi rice.

Add the avocado and cucumber wedge.

Heat up the grilled eel up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and add it to the ingredients.

Add the shrimp tempura. (To make your own, dip the already straighten shrimp to a tempura batter of 1 cup iced water, 1 cup all-purpose flout, 1 egg yolk, and fry until golden brown.)

Roll the soy paper gently and make sure you interlock its ends.

Wrap with sandwich paper and aluminum foil.

Yeild: 1 serving